Anya Karin


One of my first musical memories are the bicycle rides with my father. We used to whistle melodies along the way. I don’t remember my exact age. But I was small enough to fit in the bike’s basket.   


On my adolescence I enrolled on a small music school to learn classical guitar. From that moment my passion for music became  serious and apparent. At that moment I was sure of my path.     

Circumstances made me move to Wales, where I had vocal lessons on the former Yale College. Around this time my husband, also a musician, influenced me to compose and record my first original work as Deep Dream. It was a very immature band but it gave me some insight about composing and recording.  

Returning to Portugal I decided to take my musical ventures to the stage and to the classroom. I, then started working as a vocal teacher on a music school (RockGP) and  joined several cover bands. Over the years I had the opportunity to perform in pubs, hotels, casinos, private parties, to name a few. I have acquired a lot of experience and grown as an artist.  

The progression of my work saw a new light with my personal covers show, named Anya Karin, taking my career to a new level. In this show I performed my own versions of what I consider to be the greatest Soul Songs of all time.    

It was a dream come true that this musical journey would take me to write and sing my own originals. It is part of that dream that this music is listened and enjoyed by all of you. So is with great joy and gratitude that I present my first EP to the world.