Anya Karin

One of my first musical memories are the bicycle rides with my father. We used to whistle melodies along the way. I don’t remember my exact age. But I was small enough to fit in the bike’s basket.

On my adolescence I enrolled on a small music school to learn classical guitar. From that moment my passion for music became  serious and apparent. At that moment I was sure of my path.

Circumstances made me move to Wales, where I had vocal lessons on the former Yale College. Around this time my husband, also a musician, influenced me to compose and record my first original work as Deep Dream. It was a very immature band but it gave me some insight about composing and recording.  

Returning to Portugal I decided to take my musical ventures to the stage and to the classroom. I, then started working as a vocal teacher on a music school (RockGP) and  joined several cover bands. Over the years I had the opportunity to perform in pubs, hotels, casinos, private parties, to name a few. I have acquired a lot of experience and grown as an artist.  

The progression of my work saw a new light with my personal covers show, named Anya Karin, taking my career to a new level. In this show I performed my own versions of what I consider to be the greatest Soul Songs of all time.    

It was a dream come true that this musical journey would take me to write and sing my own originals. Songs about real stories, with meaning! I hope all of you enjoy the stories and feelings behind my songs.